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Pharrell Williams’ Solo Album ‘G I R L’ To Be Released March 3rd

Pharrell Williams’ Columbia Records debut “G I R L” will drop globally on March 3. The album will feature the worldwide hit “Happy,” which Pharrell will perform this evening at the annual BRIT Awards in London.  "When Columbia Records presented me with the opportunity to make an album, three things came to mind,” says Pharrell in a statement. “One was the sense of overwhelming honor that I felt when I realized that they were interested in partnering with me on the album that I had always dreamt of making.  Two, it would have to feel festive and urgent.  And three, I instantly knew it would be called 'G  I  R  L'. I hope you like it."  The new album can be pre-ordered from here and the album trailer can be seen below.


Supreme's Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook Has Blown In

The day has finally come: Supreme just released its lookbook for its much anticipatedSpring/Summer 2014 collection. The collection has a ton of killer looks that taps into various design themes, including military, punk, ‘90s hip-hop, art, and video games just to name a few. If you like any of these, you are in for a treat—and a wallet-hurting trip that might just require you to tap into your savings.  This season,Schott returns with sick suede bombers that include a super dope electric blue color. Playboy is back in the mix with a leather hooded jacket as well as a denim trucker. For those trying to hop on the jersey wave, a few hockey uniforms made in collaboration with Championwill check other wack jerseys any day. This is just the tip of the iceberg; there's a shit ton more of items to geek out on. It’s going to be tough, but you might as well start listing your favorite things now. The collection drops Feb. 20 at all U.S. locations with an online shop release to follow on Fe…

Beto(Creator Of American Suxxpects) Interview

We recently sat down with the creative mind of Beto the creator of American Suxxpects to get to know why he decided to start making hats.  We also found out what new things he has coming out in the future so check it out

Who are you and what are you all about?
A: I am Beto just a random Mexican . Owner of a hat brand named "American Suxxpects" 18 year old kid that loves taking Polaroid pictures just so I can frame them, bring them to life.

Where are you from?
A:I'm really from Mexico a place called "Zitacuaro". It's cool though because I don't usually see my people doing the things I do. 

Who are your heroes? 

Where do you feel art is going?
A: art for me is something that visually inspires you to create something new. I believe it's heading the right way but not executed the right way. A lot of kids around my age are staying active creating new things everyday and it's cool to witness their progress on Twitter whether Music videos , Paintings , O…

Raychiel Smith Interview

We took some time recently to get to know the stunning and talented Raychiel Smith. She told us what her goal are and what she has for us in the future.  So check it out

Who are you and what are you all about? Im a flawed human with positive intentions and big dreams. i'm all about chasing my dreams and independence. Everything in my life is here because it makes me happy.  Fashion and expression in art form that people can relate to is what i'm about. For those who don't know me.  Hi, i'm raychiel, i work a regular 9 to 5. Working towards maintaining my LLC license so i can pursue a fashion career. I aspire to be a journalist and, fashion designer.  A major one, not some graphics on a t-shirt shit.  Its a lifestyle. Where are you from? Born and raised in northern california daly city SF and vallejo mostly. Who are your heroes?
My big sister and my mother. They are strong, like...not even women who are loud...and think they are strong. They really take no shit, they real…

Pvrp Heff Interview

We recently took some time to get to know one of the creators and members Pvrple Inc.  He told us what upcoming projects he has coming out in the future.  So check it out 

Who are you and what are you all about?

My name pvrp heff im a member of pvrple inc aka pvrp mxb im a artist out of Buffalo ny art music fashion is what im passionate about and  my main goal is to encourage the youth to do what makes them happy and don't let people discourage them from what they happy about do what u love be creative spread peace love positive vibes

Were you from?
Im from buffalo ny its really like the bottom here u know its a dark city alot of killings and crazy things happen but I just always stayed level headed don't matter where you at if u got the right mind u can prosper out of the worst situation

How did you guys meet?
It started with just me & my cousin We wanted this group to be bigger then just the music but to actually change lives keep people out the street giving people hope le…

Balmain Leather Biker Jacket

One of the stronger leather pieces we’ve seen thus far, Balmain offers up its heavyweight Leather Biker Jacket. As the name suggests, the piece is a luxurious take on the classic motorcycle jacket and features padding at the shoulders and arms, alongside metal studs, zips and buckles that accent the standout piece. Crafted with luxurious dyed lambskin, the Balmain Leather Biker Jacket is now available at MR PORTER for £2,341 GBP (approximately $3,820 USD).