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Beto(Creator Of American Suxxpects) Interview

We recently sat down with the creative mind of Beto the creator of American Suxxpects to get to know why he decided to start making hats.  We also found out what new things he has coming out in the future so check it out

Who are you and what are you all about?

A: I am Beto just a random Mexican . Owner of a hat brand named "American Suxxpects" 18 year old kid that loves taking Polaroid pictures just so I can frame them, bring them to life.

Where are you from?

 A:I'm really from Mexico a place called "Zitacuaro". It's cool though because I don't usually see my people doing the things I do. 

 Who are your heroes? 


 Where do you feel art is going?

A: art for me is something that visually inspires you to create something new. I believe it's heading the right way but not executed the right way. A lot of kids around my age are staying active creating new things everyday and it's cool to witness their progress on Twitter whether Music videos , Paintings , Or Designing clothes.

How hard do you push yourself? 

A: Really looking at mistakes in a positive way. Whether it's from my previous projects or from my friends. I try to learn how to improve and be the best at what I do.

What’s the magic formula for success? 

A:I really can't answer that because of the simple fact that I haven't reached that point. 

Favorite Type of music?

A: anything really, I have no problem listening to Rock n roll , Alternative Hip Hop, indie rock, and some of today's rap.

Ay S/O to the great Gucci Mane and the homie Skeme... Really humble guy.

Why did you start creating hats?

A: It really started because of the guy who changed the game 40ozvan himself and how he managed to bring in so much attraction from all different cities just for a 40oz hat. Still a fan of his old work but I just want to get the chance to create hats inspired from different rap cultures , And really from my everyday surroundings.

Who inspires you?

A: when it comes to hats like I said 40oz van. When it comes culturally and creating a movement for the future century to feed off from is Pharrell Williams. Dom Kennedy too the guy really brought out what the Westcoast needed.. Yeah..

Later down the line will you do more then hats? 

A: Perhaps, I wish to... Or if not hopefully I'll be doing something creative ... Because my plan is to inspire the next kid that will make a difference... I could careless if I reach the requirements of "making it"

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

A: The same reason A designer gets the same respect as a Painter... The process it takes to create a hat is similar to a guy who creates the next design for his clothing line. People

Do you consider yourself an artist?

A:Mm.. I consider myself a leader ... I really just want to provide a foundation for my mom really... That's it...

Favorite artists?

A:Dom Kennedy, SkateboardP, Travis Scott, Kanye West, NikoG4, KenRebel.. 

I'm just listening to Isaiah Rashad, he's dope... 

What does fashion mean to you? 

A:Man ... There's so much talk about that now a days... Fashion really doesn't mean about the price tag nor the brand name but how easily you execute the outfit ... Some of my outfits aren't as expensive but I love just making a cheap shirt look nice... I've witnessed a lot of people being blessed with so much money and can't put a good outfit together. I just work with I have... Just be confident with yourself and know how to step out from the rest...

How would you define your city's fashion? 

A: ........ *Crickets chirping 

What kind of  fashion are you into? 

A:I love a simple essential tee with no graphics in the front I'm not a huge high end fashion guy but when I can I'll purchase it. Alexander wang... Rhude... Raf Simmons... WilFry... and my homie Jeffrey high end line "YVNEZ" ....

 But I also love classic street wear like Stussy ... Supreme.. Bape... Yeah ...

What is your major goal in life?

A:Making sure that when my time is over I still live... Provide a foundation for the kids... 

What do you do on your spare time?

A:Take Polaroids of random weird fashion in the streets of Austin... Draw a lot on my wanna be basquiat shit ha... Discover what can be the next big thing... Making sure I keep an eye on what's new ... Or just be a typical Mexican and play soccer.

Who do you have no respect for? 

A:Hahaha... I really don't care for those people . I don't keep up with that group. Wish them luck though.

What are some food places you like to eat at? 

A: everything my moms cook really.. What's better than Mexican food...but i do fucks with Hopdoddy's burgers and I love ShortStop's chicken with the fries JuuHuuuuurd...

Any upcoming projects coming up?

A:For sure. Bout to drop this WestCoast Hat inspired by the first rap I heard when I was in 6th grade> Just paying homage ... 
Hopefully work with the homie Skeme...
And I got sxsw14 coming that's going to be a lot fun... Hopefully some work with the homie from Common Connect Clothing Line in NY... Good year...

Any last words you want to say to the people? 

A:Just to keep prospering and to stop wasting y'all's gift and actually use it to y'all's advantage ... Follow my wettback ass on twitter for the American Suxxpect Hats- @95_datboiibetoo

Thanks for this interview...


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