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Ten Underrated Nate Dogg Choruses

1. The Streets
Featured Artist | WC
Album | Ghetto Heisman
Year 2002

Nate Dogg, like a lot of songs he sings on, makes the song. The beat from Scott Storch, sounds like a 2001 leftover and creates WC's biggest hit as a solo artist. Not too many outside of LA will remember this one.

2. Look At My Eyes
Featured Artist | Obie Trice
Album | Cheers
Year 2003

Cheers is the most underrated Hip-Hop albums of all time. Slept on as it came out the same year on the same label 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Cheers is the best album to come out of the Shady-Aftermath factory not named 50 Cent or Eminem, and that includes all members of G-Unit and D12. Look At My Eyes, produced by Dr. Dre at the tale-end of Dr. Dre producing like Dr. Dre, is one of the last Nate Dogg/Dr. Dre combos we will ever see, and just as always, it doesn't miss.

3. I Don't Like To Dream About Getting Paid
Featured Artist | Dogg Pound
Album | Tha Dogg Food
Year 1995

Early Nate Dogg is too pure. On an al…
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(ALBUM)Yaw- Watch This

Upcoming LA artist by the name of Yaw is finally dropping his debut project titled " Watch This".  He's coming back from dropping a banger called money.  Project will be available for purchase on Amazon and also on streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify.  Project releases 03/31/2017.


Check out "Money" below:

(New Music) Yaw- Money

New Artist Yaw, from the Motherland, Ghana, by way of Los Angeles. 2017 ANTHEM. MONEY!!! Listen to it below on Soundcloud and go support by buying it on iTunes and streaming it on Spotify.

Apple Music & iTunes:


BASSLOVE Interview

Basslove, and up and coming Mc from the hotbed of Atlanta brings a new energy to the down south scene that has been a juggernaut over the past two decades. With a sleepy drawl and inspiring lyrics Basslove is bringing innovation from the trap phenomena.  With his debut tape on the way we sat down with him and got to pick his brain.

1. Who are you?

I'm the coolest & most genuine person i ever meet man real talk & and I'm a underdog man & i take it for what it is , I'm a creator , a dreamer , a stoner, a hopeless romantic list can go on.
2. Where you from?
Imma country soul man , I was born in grady hospital down in atlanta ga & raised all over it ended my time there in a suburban city called marietta, shout out mike will , I love everything about atlanta too haven't lived there in about 6 years kinda regret it that but my path is not so bad so far u feel me
3. What made you start making music? Man i fell in love with it at a young age tbh , i remember rappin…

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