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Yaw - Bout it!



Very chill song.

Remy Banks Interview

The rapper from Queens Remy Banks lets us know a little about himself and what he is all about from upcoming mixtapes and what he does on his spare time so check it out

Who are you, tell us a little about yourself?
I'm Remy Banks and I BE THAT NIGGA! haha
How did you get the name Remy Banks?
It's my government. I couldn't come up with a name so I just went with my real name since all my teachers used to say it sounded famous.

Who inspires you?
My family, my niggas and everyone that's doing their thing to make their lives better.

What are your favorite joints to eat at?
Dani's House of Pizza. Best pizza on earth!

Is their someone in your life who influenced you to start rapping?
No one did, my younger cousin and I just randomly started writing raps when I was like 10. On some joking around shit.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?
I listened to a lot of Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu and ATCQ. As I got older I started venturing off into rock like Korn, Slipknot and …

SOB June 28th

Catch people like
Mike Q
VENUS & $HAYNEAll white party Things are going to be dope
Be there

Interview w/ A$AP J.SCOTT

We go into the mind of the A$AP J.SCOTT and he lets us know a little bit about himself and what he is all about.  From DJing to different things

- Tell us a little about yourself?

I DJ for some friends, I Manage some friends, I create shit and build bridges.Pen and Pixel & Gif. Connoisseur

- When you were younger did you always want to Dj?

No, In HS I dabbled in production which led to dabbling in DJing in the future, I guess.When I was younger saw myself more so on the business side (A&R, Management etc.) solely.

Were do you originally resign from?
Atlanta, GA

- Can you explain to the people what IMNOTATOY is?

IMNOTATOY is …  a collective of thoughts as far as the world wide web goes and harmful fun before Tumblr was even around.
Outside of the internet it's ALOT more than a site, it's a brand and a way of thinking. - How were you introduced to A$AP?
Yams, I've know him and some of them for YEARS…and we've always be…


A$AP ILLZ lets us know a little about himself and what he is interested in and upcoming projects.  Check it out. 
Who inspires you to do what you do?

My mom Mainly & my A$VP brothers. Also regular people who know what the Struggles be like.

What type of fashion are you into ?
Street meets Garments.

How did you get introduced to A$AP ?
A.$.A.P started around 2005. I am one of the Original members ; I met Yams in harlem. me him and Bari used to Rip& Run up and down these streets of NY And at the time Yams was interning for Dipset we were real young I was bout 14,15 Bari was like 13,14. we all used to just kick it & talk about Common Goals we were trying to Accomplish or Strive to get.

Is their a meaning behind your name ILLZ?
Not really its just Simple im just a ILL mothafucker. You'll see with time. and my real name Illijah so it goes. i guess. 

Were do you resign from ?
Bronx, Harlem . 

When you were a kid did you see yourself doing fashion and designing?
When i was a…

ASAP Ant, Remy Banks & Zombie Juice – 3Flips6

Check out new song
From on of the great songs of the year
A$AP ANT, REMY BANKS, and ZOMBIE JUICE killed this track

Download it you wont be disappointed

Bodega BAMZ interview

Bodega BAMZ from Spanish Harlem lets us know a little about him for the streets of New York grindin and making music here it is

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are? I'm a rapper they saying im the new voice for the latinos my name is bodega bamz aka papi  

Let's talk about your childhood.  When you thanked about growing up, what sort of images pop in your head?
Standing on that welfare line my mom giving me food stamps to buy candy at the bodega, the struggle  walking to church with my brother and lil sister passing thru feins and crack vials all over the street...

Interview Soon w/ A$AP ILLZ

Check his tumblr out

Interview w/ Bodega Bamz coming soon

Get to know a little bit from the man himself


Look for this coming out soon
Great things will come out of it