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Raychiel Smith Interview

We took some time recently to get to know the stunning and talented Raychiel Smith. She told us what her goal are and what she has for us in the future.  So check it out

Who are you and what are you all about?
Im a flawed human with positive intentions and big dreams. i'm all about chasing my dreams and independence. Everything in my life is here because it makes me happy.  Fashion and expression in art form that people can relate to is what i'm about. For those who don't know me.  Hi, i'm raychiel, i work a regular 9 to 5. Working towards maintaining my LLC license so i can pursue a fashion career. I aspire to be a journalist and, fashion designer.  A major one, not some graphics on a t-shirt shit.  Its a lifestyle.
Where are you from?
Born and raised in northern california daly city SF and vallejo mostly.
Who are your heroes?

My big sister and my mother. They are strong, like...not even women who are loud...and think they are strong. They really take no shit, they really are so wise. Other than that i don't really have heroes, i have people i'm inspired by sometimes, but i'm definitely a leader.
Where do you feel art is going?
Art is going anywhere it wants to because it is purely based off of expression. especially in todays society. Tumblr is good for is expressing that. I love to be apart of art, I draw and I write. I  have a hidden love for photography as well, i was going to join the military and become a combat photographer at 18.  

How hard do you push yourself?
I push myself as far as my mind will take me, I really believe you go as far as your mind allows you to. As soon i set my mind to it i have to do it. I love a challenge and i have big dreams and im one of those people where if i want something im going to find a way to get it and i always do. So theres no limitation to that. This shit dont stop yo. 

What’s the magic formula for success?

Habits and Hunger
Favorite Type of music?

idk how to explain it...but pharrell, frank ocean and james blake are my favorite artist. They kind of have a number of genres in one..that's why i cant explain it. I'll say hip hop though because i grew up on all the classics. ALL of them.
Who inspires you?

My perfect self in my mind does... And space, like outer space, outside. If you don't look at the sky at night and feel like you have alot to do in life. Wow.
Favorite artists?

Right now at this very moment probably james blake. His talent and creativity is crazy, i'm surprised i'm just now finding out about him.

What kind of  fashion are you into 
I LOVE minimalistic style. My entire wardrobe is black or white right now. I Like mixing different textures and shades of one color into one outfit and i like wearing clothes that compliment my body. I don't like trends because trends are not real fashion in my opinion but if there was one trend i could fit into... on accident , minimalistic.
What is your major goal in life?
To die feeling like i was supposed to because i lived as much as i could with my life span.
What do you do on your spare time?

Im really boring omg. I write, i draw, i work out, chill with my family, I travel when i can. big traveler. I like  grocery shopping and cooking and online shopping...such a woman yo. It's embarrassing that im that easily entertained with my free time but im pretty chill man...although my dreams are big. im pretty chill.  Id rather go to the beach or something than turn up.

Who do you have no respect for?
Probably people who objectify their own selves and romanticize it then are upset when they get treated like an object only good for one trick. Whatever you are dont front, be that, be the best one. shut up. I dont like pretentious victims. I dont like victims, and i dont like people who like to be them.
What are some food places you like to eat at?
Sakru Japan sushi bar... Sen$ei of sushi bars  

Any last words you want to say to the people?

I'm unstoppable. Remember i said that.


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