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Pvrp Heff Interview

We recently took some time to get to know one of the creators and members Pvrple Inc.  He told us what upcoming projects he has coming out in the future.  So check it out 

Who are you and what are you all about?

My name pvrp heff im a member of pvrple inc aka pvrp mxb im a artist out of Buffalo ny art music fashion is what im passionate about and  my main goal is to encourage the youth to do what makes them happy and don't let people discourage them from what they happy about do what u love be creative spread peace love positive vibes

Were you from?

Im from buffalo ny its really like the bottom here u know its a dark city alot of killings and crazy things happen but I just always stayed level headed don't matter where you at if u got the right mind u can prosper out of the worst situation

How did you guys meet?

It started with just me & my cousin We wanted this group to be bigger then just the music but to actually change lives keep people out the street giving people hope letting people know u can do anything u put your mind to if u work hard so we started social networking finding people who interested in the same things music art fashions tanding out instead of fitting in so we slowly started to add more members I can't even count how many we have now when this all over we want pvrple people helping and bringing creativity love passion all over the world

How was Pvrple Mxb created?

Me & my cousin thought of it we lost a couple friends in the streets of Buffalo ny so we wanted to do something with our lives that can not only make us successful but also help others so we came up with pvrple mxb

Who are your heroes?

My heroes is all those people who came before my time who made it even possible for me  to be chasing my dream today mlk Malcolm x there's so many  but if it wasn't for them fighting for what they knew was right wouldn't be no me pvrple mxb none of this very thankful for what those legendary people did for us

Where do you feel art is going?

I love the direction its going some people might think it's weird but I think it's really creative what's been going on a couple yrs back I didn't see none of the art im starting to see now & days I think it will keep getting better

How hard do you push yourself?

I think about it non stop sometime I can't  sleep, dreamin' 'bout the money
Money move the world Make the darkest day feel sunny Ain't no question if I'm hungry, shit I only got a taste but I can't over think because its a killer so lately I just take it one day at a time relaxed limbs and stay positive

What’s the magic formula for success?

Lol u wouldn't call it magic but  to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure just be yourself believe in yourself what makes you most  happy is your success alot of people define success with being rich I think success is when you look back at your life at the end and u have no regrets and u smiling saying I did everything I wanted to I was a happy person

Favorite Type of music?

This a tough one because I love all genres of music I love music I can relate to rather rock hip hop r&b don't Matter the genre as long as it give me that  good feeling I know its great music

Who inspires you?

The youth man I see each day they starting to get the message that u can do whatever you put your heart into be yourself every day  i see on instagram twitter facebook some young girl or boy  expressing them selves bringing there uniqueness to the world the creativity is expanding music videos is changing fashion all that it makes me happy seeing progress from negative to postive

Favorite artists?

Has to be Asap mob not only because the music its deeper than that they preach the same principles fuck what people think do what makes u happy who care fuck the color of your skin we all one color all  of that is exactly why they will be legendary to this generation

What kind of  fashion are you into?

I like to separate myself from others with clothes especially in my city I dress depending on my mood if im trying to be a trendy nigga im go wear some high end fashion raf simons dior Kenneth cole so on but if im just chilling hba supreme things like that more street wear

Where do you guys want to go with this?

What ever level God allow us to go with this it really started from nothing but we slowly progressing we not in it for fame at all we just want to live comfortably with all pvrple people alike all over the world thats all to be happy and comfortable and do what we love if we become famous hey so be it but if we don't so be it cuz we not chasing it we on a pursuit of happiness we know exactly what we want out of this life

What do you do on your spare time?

Studio go shopping im always mobbing with the pvrp members we like to hang with trill missess sip lean smoke weed just to have fun man nothing to crzyyy alot fun nights

Who do you have no respect for?

I have no respect for basic people close minded basic people it gets under my skin that u pressured into being like everyone around you anything outside of the box is weird to u those type people get on my nerves they can't dress they know nothing really about the deeper side of life  but basic shit get a car get a job get that one girl have a bby go to the club every weekend get ya outfit from the mall stay in the same city for the rest of your life that to me is basic its wayyy more to life then that open ya 3rddd eye!!!

What are some food places you like to eat at?

I like all different types of food places but I love Italian restaurants the most  pastas and all that eating like the old Italian mobs use to is the best lol

What upcoming projects do you  have coming out?

First we about to drop the pvrp tshirts and hoodies then our mixtape deeper than rap is coming late summer so stay tuned for all that

Any last words you want to say to the people?

Everyone stay trill and keep prospering u can be whatever u want to be in this life don't let no one discourage chase your dreams!! EVERYTHING PVRPLE!!!!


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