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(Interview) Sach and Fidelity

(Interview) Sach and his new release 'Fidelity'.
Sach, a former member of the pioneering Los Angeles hip hop duo, The Nonce, continues his great career of dropping beautiful work with 2016's 'Fidelity', a jazz-infused hip hop record performed and produced by the Project Blowed legend.
1. How old were you when you made your first rhyme?
At the time I was a little kid, about sixth grade, and one of my classmates was saying Egyptian Lover is the hardest out, and I was saying I like Run-Dmc. Somehow in my little cockiness,  I said I'm better than Egyptian Lover, and he basically said 'prove it'. So I went home, had to write a rhyme, it took me the whole day, but I wrote it, went to school the next day, spit it, he said, 'aww that was dope', and that was it, that was the beginning. Then I started writing in notebooks and filling them up.

2. What are some of your favorite hip hop albums?
I'm gonna say Jungle Brothers 'Done By The Forces of Nature&#…

( New Video) Quentin Miller- Potential

He's been dropping music faithfully ever since the release of his latest mixtape Hey! Thanks A Lot 3 .  He has a work ethic that is unmatched and always drops quality music.  Atlanta's Very Own Quentin Miller has finally taken some time to drop visuals for his song Potential from his newest mixtape .  In the video he's just having fun on Hollywood Blvd being him.  So sit back and watch " Potential" and while your at it go listen to his new mixtape. Link for mixtape below

(Interview) DJ OG Bluetooth

(New Music) Yung Gleesh & Quentin Miller (prod. by GENALZ x DJ Bluetooth)

Yung Gleesh and Quentin Miller team up for a banger titled “ LA Flexin” produced by GNEALZ & DJ OG Bluetooth.Now you have a song to bump in your car.Hopefully they have more tracks like this in the vault.Take a listen to the song below and while you’re at it follow them on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Soundcloud: Yung Gleesh: yung gleesh Quentin Miller: Quentin_miller GNEALZ: gnealz
Twitter: Yung Gleesh: @yung_gleesh Quentin Miller: @Quentin__Miller GNELAZ: @Gnealz