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First album from the Harlem Crew A$AP MOB dropping
download  it on LiveMixtapes
or download it on their website

This is going to be one rare event

Vulkan The Krusader Interview

We recently caught up with the man himself Vulkan The Krusader and got to know a little about himself and upcoming projects that he has coming out  So check it out

Who are you and what are you all about? My name is Vulkan the Krusader and Im about making avant garde Hip Hop and just creating, thats really what I am about, a walking art piece.
Were are you from? I lived in Los Angeles as kid, moved cuz of gang violence, my family relocated me to Miami on some Will Smith shit, then I still became a bad muthafucka, I lived in Bushwick New York for 6 years now, but I go back and forth to Florida and here for my family.
How did you get your name?
I've told this story in most of my interviews, it has alot to do with my ears being big, um some kids making fun of me in high school, i punched one the name stuck and basically I didnt like it at first but It just lingered on me.The Krusader part was added on by a friend of mine who used to graph and I thought, later on that it sounded pretty fuc…

Willie HEX Interview

We sat down and talked with the man himself WIllie HEX aka Prospect Willie and got to know him and what he is all about.  His likes and dislikes and all of that so check it

Who are you and what are you all about?  Willie HEX and I'm all about representing my latino culture, also the hip hop culture, making good music, getting money and spreading this TANBOYS movement and making it worldwide.
Were are you from?   Born and raised in the south bronx.
How did you get your name? Actually Willie is my government name and "HEX" was my tag growing up. I was really into graffiti when I was young growing up in the bronx and watching T.A.T.S. cru paint murals.
How did you get into Tan Boys? I met BAMZ and OHLA 15 years ago and ever since day one we've been closer than brothers, TANBOYS is more than music we're literally a family.
  What influenced you to start rapping? Just being from the BRONX, I mean it's the birthplace of hip hop, and me being from the bronx and growing …


Check out the new video from the Trap Lord himself A$AP Ferg Work
Very Rare video so check it out A$AP

ASAP P on The Boards Interview

The man who made the beats for ASAP MOB recent song Bath Salt, ASAP Ant Coke and White Bitches and Ridin Round Slow. We sat down with him to get to know more about him and what he is all about

Who are you? 
Where were you born? 
The Bronx, 2 Train boy.
How did you get introduced to the mob and how you get your name?

Ant been the homie since he started Marino Goods. He used to bless me with the marino so one day he asked for some beats and bam it been magic since then. From then I linked with the mob through ant and they greeted a nigga with open arms. Just had that good vibe felt like we knew each other for years. How i got my name? I remember yams told me to change my name to P since the former joint i used sounded like a porn star, so i kept that. Then Ons coke and white bitches eant said " P On The Boards" and that shit just stuck with me. 
Do you only produce or do you rap too?

At first growing up i used to rap. Battles, Lov…

Natia( Gold Renaissance)Interview

We sat down with new age rapper from Inglewood,CA Natia from Gold Renaissance and he let us know a little about himself and what he is all about

Who are you and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Natia Happy Maluia. Happy really my middle name god. I be nollie flipin 10 stairs, freestylin for food, and bickin it wit my gods in the wood. (Inglewood,CA)
Who is the founder of the Gold Renaissance Crew?
Basically all of us my Queen, the gods Love & Krunch, the upcoming photographer/Filmer Steeve Castro, DJ CAV3, and the gods Matt Neims & Adam Murray whose been editing my videos n shit. Matt also makes beats n djs and Adam is ridiculous on the freestyles n the mic so it's just music in the family n gettin work done quickly. 

How you get the name Natia?
It's Samoan my moms is black and pops is Samoan .

Who inspires you?
Eminem in fuckin 96 the god was too on. God had a dummy gift with words. Yeah you can prolly see the rhythm and style he had in my lyrics.
What musi…