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Eminem The Rap God and....Beatmaker?

Eminem as a superior beat maker is one of the most slept on facts in hip hop history. As a protege´ of the God of Beat himself, Dr. Dre, Eminem has crafted some of the best beats that no one knows about. This man has produced a whole 2pac album, and there was a reason he was trusted with the opportunity, and didn’t do a bad job either. He has produced classic songs on classic albums. Producing songs off the timeless Get Rich or Die Tryin' album, including High All The Time and the classic Many Men; he solely produced Patiently Waiting and Don’t Push Me. Breaking Detroit artists like D12 and Obie Trice, Eminem was the majority producer of the underrated classic and critically acclaimed Cheers (2003) and produced both D12 albums which spawned eminem produced hits 'Purple Pills' and 'My Band' respectively. Many people don’t know Eminem took over production duties from his mentor early on his career, co- producing the groundbreaking 'Marshall Mathers Lp.'be…