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Vulkan The Krusader Interview

We recently caught up with the man himself Vulkan The Krusader and got to know a little about himself and upcoming projects that he has coming out 
So check it out

Who are you and what are you all about?
My name is Vulkan the Krusader and Im about making avant garde Hip Hop and just creating, thats really what I am about, a walking art piece.

Were are you from?
I lived in Los Angeles as kid, moved cuz of gang violence, my family relocated me to Miami on some Will Smith shit, then I still became a bad muthafucka, I lived in Bushwick New York for 6 years now, but I go back and forth to Florida and here for my family.

How did you get your name?

I've told this story in most of my interviews, it has alot to do with my ears being big, um some kids making fun of me in high school, i punched one the name stuck and basically I didnt like it at first but It just lingered on me.The Krusader part was added on by a friend of mine who used to graph and I thought, later on that it sounded pretty fucking cool and just stuck with it.It had nothing to do with rap at all.

What influenced you to start rapping?

I always loved writing, I always had a A in english class. Just knowing that what you write can come to life through you voice or performance is a pretty exiciting thing for me.I was always involved in plays and anything to do with music in high school, but mostly the greats of course, A Tribe called Quest, Wu-Tang,De La Soul,3-6 Mafia, Bone thugs & harmony,Gangstarr, Scarface,DMX,and of course the god Jay-Z.

How long have you been doing this?

Honestly I stopped when i went to college, I went through some pretty bad relationship problems and decided to take it serious about a year and half ago, and its been a krusade ever since. A beautiful struggle but its gonna be one hell of a story if I become successful Im gonna sell the rights to the highest bidder.

Who are your heroes?
I only have one true hero, My father is my hero, he is the epitome of what a man of class and elegance and a great provider and great wisdom from a man thats been in war and been such a blue collar worker all his life.Very Humble but very respectable man.Other than him, if we talk about pop culture, Kobe Bryant and Ken Griffey Jr are my sports heroes.

How hard do you push yourself?
Im trying to push the limits of Hip Hop, I mean its progressive rap music right? but I was around real thugged out shit, like I was always differen even in LA as a kid, I bumped tribe while they was on NWA and Ice-T.What im saying is, just because i hanged around gangstas doesnt mean i couldnt listen to massive attack records around them.I always told myself to stay myself, what I like is what I like, all the music i listen to has made a sound for myself and its really melodic and really still trappy lol, but maintains that street quality, but Im really about avant garde rap tho.

Whats the magic formula for success?

1. Dont listen to no one else but yourself
2.Be Consistent without it, your no one.
3. Have a good work ethic, once you get work, dont stop.
4.Get rid of all negative people in your circle
5.Keep word with the Lord
6.Always be nice to people, and be yourself.

How was your childhood?
Man, thats a good fucking question, I spent it in LA, and growing up was no joke. I lived in North Hollywood at first in a studio with my father,mother and sister. Crackheads and Prostitutes filled the streets so then we moved to south central, that wasnt a good move...and finally we decided on El Monte in the outskirts, but damn that was tough.I had to fight off my own friends cuz they wanted me to join their gangs, I've seen the worst violence you could imagine for a child to see at my early age.I was shot at eventually and my friends were all shot,I never got hit with a bullet.Which I thank god till this day, its funny when people meet me, they think Im from like a rich family or something, naw im just a culture dude who hates the hood, I fucking dont like it there.Its the the people I love, but not the ignorance, you can only take so much of it.I left my childhood at age 14.

What do you do on your spare time?
Pretty much writing songs, making beats, and love conversation with real good friends.I love playing basketball, thats my first love basketball mang, I have this really weird one handed shot, but then again Reggie Miller did too.Im into Comics, and Art, I am a movie buff, I know pretty much everything horror movies and I am totally a ESPN junkie my childhood teams are still my favorite teams growing up from LA.

Who do you have no respect for?
I have respect for niggaz who have respect for me, If I named dropped which people hate, I would have a real short list of muthafuckaz i really respect, most of them are big names who no one gave a fuck about until they saw them get shine. I love them niggaz.
What are some food places you like to eat at.

Im a Ninja turtle when it comes to it, I love Pizza bro, so much Pizza lol. Um I love Italian food, the spot Im always in Brooklyn is the Diner in Williamsburgh, I love the mexican taco trucks also they make some good fucking tacos bro. Spanish Food in NY is awesome too, I just wish they had Nicaraguan dishes.

Any last words you want to say to the people?
DECADENCE & CLASS   "V" project dropping on V-Day 2013

Vulkan the Krusader Bandcamp


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