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ASAP P on The Boards Interview

The man who made the beats for ASAP MOB recent song Bath Salt, ASAP Ant Coke and White Bitches and Ridin Round Slow. We sat down with him to get to know more about him and what he is all about

Who are you? 


Where were you born? 

The Bronx, 2 Train boy.

How did you get introduced to the mob and how you get your name?

Ant been the homie since he started Marino Goods. He used to bless me with the marino so one day he asked for some beats and bam it been magic since then. From then I linked with the mob through ant and they greeted a nigga with open arms. Just had that good vibe felt like we knew each other for years. How i got my name? I remember yams told me to change my name to P since the former joint i used sounded like a porn star, so i kept that. Then Ons coke and white bitches eant said " P On The Boards" and that shit just stuck with me. 

Do you only produce or do you rap too?

At first growing up i used to rap. Battles, Love poems, mix tapes and all that bruh. But i remember watching smack dvd volume.6 and the heatmakerz  was making a beat and i was like fuck rapping ima do that shit. 

What producers influence your sound?

Everybody im a fan of music first. But TimAlchemist, the Neptunes, baland, Kanye everybody in that realm. Cause not only these dudes paved a way for what i do today, But these niggas crafted sounds for artists and thats what im trying do. Like If so and so isn't on a P On The Boards beat the song sounds ass.

What type of music did you listen to growing up?

Everything, From having a big sister who was into rock like Marilyn Manson when he didnt start doing all that crazy shit and my moms listening to Andrea Bocelli while cleaning the house on sundays . I appreciated all of it cause when you young like before you get to middle school its no such thing as whats cool for now and shit. I ain't have cable till 4th grade so anything that came on music box i fucked with. From then it was anything Bad boy (Pre-press play) anything ruff ryders, then everything dipset and mad Rnb from aaliyah when she had a eye patch and owl on her arm to carl thomas and faith evans going back forth on some jadakiss styles shit.
What was your first job?

One those birthday party event niggas, setting up bounce houses and shit. Worked one day and never came back. Made more money selling air heads.

What did you do with your first paycheck?

Im going  come clean i dont even remember,this was 8th grade summer i think i copped 4 for 20 white tees at the Chinese spot and a fitted.

What kind of fashion are you into?

Everything really, i aint with loud shit tho. im too tall and skinny for all that shit. Im into quality, low key shit. No true religions or anything of that nature touching my body bruh. 

What are some of your favorite food places to eat at ?

The chicken spot across street from my brother's crib on 163 and intervale ave ( I could eat that shit everyday) The real asian spots not the bullshit bbq sparerib pork fried rice spots but the joints with mad vegetables on every dish and shit, and your local bodega. I'm not that picky with food tho, i grew up with a moms who cooked everyday of the week except for Fridays and Saturdays so picture that with a kodak.

Any upcoming projects coming out?

Besides working on the A$AP Ant's Project on some Quincy Jones shit, and supplying the rest of the mob i got a couple projects im trying do but there's no official word on anything cause shit been getting crazy. So whenever timing is right shit will drop. 

Any last words for the people?

If you thought my recent work was crazy wait until the new shit drops. Im trying push the envelope every record. New sounds, new styles sooner or later people gonna think p on the boards is a group. Shouts out to Yams we about to step on niggas necks.


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