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Natia( Gold Renaissance)Interview

We sat down with new age rapper from Inglewood,CA Natia from Gold Renaissance and he let us know a little about himself and what he is all about

Who are you and tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Natia Happy Maluia. Happy really my middle name god. I be nollie flipin 10 stairs, freestylin for food, and bickin it wit my gods in the wood. (Inglewood,CA)

Who is the founder of the Gold Renaissance Crew?

Basically all of us my Queen, the gods Love & Krunch, the upcoming photographer/Filmer Steeve Castro, DJ CAV3, and the gods Matt Neims & Adam Murray whose been editing my videos n shit. Matt also makes beats n djs and Adam is ridiculous on the freestyles n the mic so it's just music in the family n gettin work done quickly. 

How you get the name Natia?

It's Samoan my moms is black and pops is Samoan .

Who inspires you?

Eminem in fuckin 96 the god was too on. God had a dummy gift with words. Yeah you can prolly see the rhythm and style he had in my lyrics.

What music did you listen to growing up?

Wu tang and Eminem mostly

What was your first job?

Shit fuckin home depot center in Carson I quit that shit though too hurt

What did you do with your first paycheck?

cashed out but the check was like 40 cuts I was on 

What food places do you like 

Louis burger on Manchester and La Cienega . Yamp dolla burgers after 2pm god real burgers though and Randy's next door god the donut young.

What type of fashion are you into?

Shit I fuck with the boardwalk empire look man. 1930s n shit. 2000's with the fubu bucket . I'm wit anything if I like it n shit look straight .

What new projects do you have coming out?

Tomorrow I gotta video comin out for these 2 clothing lines GLDSOLID StreetCollective and BY I.G my gods Love &Steeve Castro. Then another music video and my next mixtape called "Thru Castle Doors" excited for this shit god.

Do you have anything to say to the people?

Stay humble . Laugh n forget. 


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