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BASSLOVE Interview

Basslove, and up and coming Mc from the hotbed of Atlanta brings a new energy to the down south scene that has been a juggernaut over the past two decades. With a sleepy drawl and inspiring lyrics Basslove is bringing innovation from the trap phenomena.  With his debut tape on the way we sat down with him and got to pick his brain.

1. Who are you?

I'm the coolest & most genuine person i ever meet man real talk & and I'm a underdog man & i take it for what it is , I'm a creator , a dreamer , a stoner, a hopeless romantic list can go on.

2. Where you from?

Imma country soul man , I was born in grady hospital down in atlanta ga & raised all over it ended my time there in a suburban city called marietta, shout out mike will , I love everything about atlanta too haven't lived there in about 6 years kinda regret it that but my path is not so bad so far u feel me

3. What made you start making music?
Man i fell in love with it at a young age tbh , i remember rapping along to master p songs n shit at like 4 years old and as I got older I really turned to music to get me thru alot of deep dark moments and trails that began to be faced within music is all i had it was all the kept me from giving up on myself

4. Can you go into detail with what “ Room 504” is.

Room 504 is what it sounds like it's a room , now what's in dat room is what ppl will soon find out u feel me it's really a room where limits don't exist opinions don't matter, it's a place of art u dig ?

5. When is your first project dropping?

My first tape will be released in the first quarter of 2017 and another one during the third or fourth quarter currently just uploading singles on my soundcloud for the ones that really fuck with me.

6. When making “for the winter” what was the process behind the creation of the song?

That song / vibe was really just me in a angry state tbh i was just down and i just wrote it fr fr but the beat was fire af when i got it but i sat on the beat for like a month my nigga divenchi made dat one had a real dark feel which happen to match my mood so i recorded it and gave it to the people

7. Who do you have winning the Super Bowl this year Falcons or Patriots ?

Cmon u already know bruh lol dirty birds got it this year…I remember in middle school I think like 6th grade i got my first vick jersey it was da white one and I used to feel fly af lol cuz I ain't really have fresh shit but wearing dat jersey always made me feel good.

8. When you’re not in the studio, what are you doing?

Tbh i'm probably listening to some music I still love old music , I play a lot of them early 2000 joints they really take me back bruh i just get high and reflect or i might be around people I fw making them laugh ..I like to laugh pain or no pain imma make sure the people around me cool and smiling.

9. Predictions on who's going to the NBA finals this year?

Man i'm a huge D Rose , Curry and Paul George fan but the east is the Cavs and idk bout the west tbh they all be hooping over dis way.

10. What does “ being creative” mean to you?

Tbh it's about just expressing how you feel or what your views are.

11. What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Love , stories , point of views , let people know it gets better u feel me and major vibes I like making songs that sound slightly strange at first but u gotta really be on my level to feel me ..not saying that like I'm better than anyone but u feel me some shit I do just gone go over heads just a fact.

12. Describe a real life situation that inspire you?

Man i got so many , in 2011 i remember walking all up and down cobb parkway in GA and I couldn't find not one job I just got kicked out of the navy for getting arrested and i would be sleeping outside for days man and i just was lost but over time i just overcame all the bullshit and that shit still inspires me to this day ..that story get way deeper but u get the feel.

13. Favorite food places in LA?

Man LA got a lot of good food spots, i'd still pick the south food tho if we keeping it trill lol but i be eating good out here in La hella good spots out here I stay eating good.

14. How do you feel about the state of music as a whole?

Man its really changing .think it's a lot of dope artist out here , imma just make sure i keep giving people these real vibes straight up..but  i will say the most popular artist out these days are usually not even the best but it's all music and it's all love long as they don't fwm we gone spare em.  

15. Any last words for the people?

Yea stop judging people you don't really know that shit bout lame as hell ..BASSLOVE 4eva I'm bringing the waves till its ova.


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