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Slime Season Trilogy

Watching Young Thug’s growth as an artist has been nothing less than spectacular as he has gone from an unproven Gucci Mane prodigy to a sensationalized internet rapper to an undisputed hit maker. He has made headlines for his cross dressing style to his many rap ‘beefs’ as much as his flow. There was a time when the shock value of his persona outweighed his music, but as people peeled away the many layers that is young thug, inevitably the music stands out. From his first breakout hit ‘I’m a Stoner’ which gained momentum off an Adrien Broner gif became his first single to chart the billboards. His second viral hit 'Danny Glover (Two Bitches)' gained attention when a video of Kanye West was seeing spazzing out to it. Yet we stll weren’t sure what to make of this catapulting figure who definitely had an ear for amazing production. Then 'Lifestyle' came out, and things changed. Rich Gang The Tour Pt.1 was a surprise release as he came out partnering with another Atlanta up and comer Rich Homie Quan and the immortal Cash Money CEO Baby. The consistency and depth of the project was undeniable, and now he had a backing that people were familiar with. At around the same time, hits by T.I., 'About The Money', and Tyga’s 'Hookah' respectively, both guided by Thug's hypnotic flow, were running up the numbers. Since then he has released about five mix tapes worth noting, including the incredible Slime Season Trilogy. This Article was created intending to decide which Slime Season was greater, but I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter, they are all great pieces of art from a growing artist. Instead, lets appreciate what each one brings to the table. Slime Season 1
'Power' and 'Best Friend' may be the best songs he’s ever released and these tracks helped bring in fans who were initially on the fence about Thugga. 'Again', featuring an incarcerated Trap God; the London On Da Track beat compliments both their awkward flows as the sleepy beat lulls you in. This mixtape solidified Young Thug as his consistency and creativity was undeniable even to the strongest opposers. Quotable: "Lemme show you how I spent a couple hunnids today, I cut back on the lean, I’m on that hen-dusse." Best Songs- Power, Best Friend, Again, Freaky, Quarterback, U Digg What I’m Saying, That’s All. Slime Season 2
Young Thug continues his onslaught with Slime Season 2 released on Halloween in 2015. If you listened to the first five tracks, you’d probably thought this would be his greatest work to date, but the mixtape falls off. With 22 tracks, this album contains too many forgettable tracks. 'Thief in the night' is a gem and best represents Thug’s ability to ride a beat. 'She notice' is one of his more underrated tracks, and if released could’ve had more widespread appeal than 'Thief', which failed to gain much traction outside of Atlanta and the south. The growth is still there, and there’s more continuity to his tracks than has been seen in his previous efforts. Best Songs- Big Racks, Thief in The Night, She Notice, Don’t Know, Pull up On A Kid, Beast, Never Made Luv. Quotables: "I am not jordan, but I am the goat. diamonds they wet like a boat." Slime Season 3
Slime Season 3, released March of 2016, only boasts eight tracks, which was a smart move by Young Thug. At this point in his career less is more as we get ready for his 'official' debut. 'With Them', previewed at Kanyes grand album release party, the bouncy Mike Will Made It track is the perfect Thugga song. Unrestricted, unrestrained and free flowing. 'Digits' is the crown jewel of this album. It speaks to this generations sense of urgency, about getting all you can while you’re here. It speaks to the soul of the young black man, who may not know which lies ahead of him, but knows he’s here now, so lets get it. Digits appreciation will grow with time, as its message is timeless. 'Slime Shit', the Ricky Racks production is arguably the best beat on the tape, which means a lot when London On Da Track and Mike Will Made It offer contributions. This album, in its short length, feels more cohesive and could be more similar to what his album will look like. Short and sweet. Best Songs: With Them, Slime Shit, Digits, Memo. Quotables: "Why not risk life when its gonna keep going, when you die someone else is born, but at least you get to say we ran up the digits we ran up the money."


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