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(Interview) Sach and Fidelity

(Interview) Sach and his new release 'Fidelity'.

Sach, a former member of the pioneering Los Angeles hip hop duo, The Nonce, continues his great career of dropping beautiful work with 2016's 'Fidelity', a jazz-infused hip hop record performed and produced by the Project Blowed legend.

1. How old were you when you made your first rhyme?

At the time I was a little kid, about sixth grade, and one of my classmates was saying Egyptian Lover is the hardest out, and I was saying I like Run-Dmc. Somehow in my little cockiness,  I said I'm better than Egyptian Lover, and he basically said 'prove it'. So I went home, had to write a rhyme, it took me the whole day, but I wrote it, went to school the next day, spit it, he said, 'aww that was dope', and that was it, that was the beginning. Then I started writing in notebooks and filling them up.

2. What are some of your favorite hip hop albums?

I'm gonna say Jungle Brothers 'Done By The Forces of Nature', De La Soul '3 Feet High and Rising', 'De La Soul is Dead', A Tribe Called Quest, 1st, 2nd, 3rd album, Main Source, first album with Large Professor (Breaking Atoms). I remember when they debuted (Main Source), I thought it was dope they had two Djs. But there's more: Fear of A Black Planet, Ice Cube's 'Amerikkka's Most Wanted', Beastie Boys' First Album, 'Licensed to Ill'.

3. Your music is very Jazz heavy, where does that influence come from?

I mean Jazz has been in my life since I was a baby, my father had every jazz record and blues record. And as I was growing up in hip hop, most of the beats were coarse and hard, like a boom bap or a mood bass line, it had a certain kind of sound. My production style is a sampling style...and then when I heard a jazz sample, like finally, might of been from Lakim Shabazz or Mark The 45 King or something old like that. But when I first heard the jazz and the beat, that was the sound that was greater to me than any of the other ones before it.

4. So are you not really a fan of funk sampling?

If you really can make beats  and can flip it, then yeah It can be dope.  Like if you look at Jinx, or E-swift, or BattleCat. He(Battlecat) can play it, he can actually play the funk. I'm a big fan of James Brown sampling, if you can 'freak' it. Sometimes they just blatantly use it and sample it, not freak it; and when it's freaked, that's when it becomes like-ahhh (starts laughing). Because you know it don't go like that, but you kind of know what that is, but it's not doing what it supposed to do, but every time it comes around it gets you that feeling.

5. What current MCs do you like today?

I'm an MC, okay, and I'm mostly not feeling a lot of MCs. I'm just not feeling them. But then, in another scenario, it might be okay. You might be at the club, have a couple drinks, that shit sound okay. Fools is mad that they dancing and shit, like, 'I hate this song!'.

"...its not lucrative just tryna be dope. I just want to be dope."- Sach

6. Do you like Kendrick Lamar?

Yeah, I love Kendrick Lamar. He's dope, he's got styles, and he's a true creative person. You know what a prodigy is, that's what he is. Here's a perfect example of what Kendrick Lamar is. You ever be in class, and there's that one kid who can draw real good, like reeeeaaal good, he's just a regular kid like everybody else but he can draw real good, that's him in hip hop.

7. As a producer, who are some of your favorite producers?

Lets see, Prince Paul, one of my favorites. Dj Premier, Mr. Long, Diamond D.

8. Any L.A. based producers out now that you like?

I really dig Dibiase and Ross G.  We're actually going to do some stuff for a Name Science project using Dibiase beats and Ross G. beats. 

9. Do you have a favorite song on Fidelity?

Over/Under is probably my favorite song. There's a bowl being played throughout the whole thing and it vibrates for healing. I made the b-side have the intro because I wanted to play the positive song first, so that's the first song on the record. Its the most productive song because it's actually working, doing something besides it being another song. I also like Flow Fidelity, I was really inspired by that beat. And Wise Buds Being Broken, proud of that. But I like all of it, there's no fluff, every song is its own thing.

10. How long did it take you to make Fidelity?

Maybe a little less than two weeks. I did songs one,two, three like real fast, then I thought, maybe this can be something. 

11. So what's next, anything planning to drop in the upcoming year?

I am totally unorthodox when it comes to dropping records, I just make them as they come into my head and want to focus on it or sometimes I might work on more than one at a time. But what I want to do next is 7 Days To Engineer 2, in which I make the whole project in seven days, and then after the week, the only thing I'm allowed to is mix it, I can't add to it, can't fix a vocal, nothing. So everything I have to do in the seven days. I already did one of these in 1998, but you have to pick the creative zone when you're in it, to start it. I want to document it, and that should be very interesting.


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