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(Interview) DJ OG Bluetooth

After rise to dominance of the known music collective OGG also known as Originality Gains Greatness, you have to want know how OG Brylan Kerr, OG Junior, OG Parker, OG Maco and etc. got the “OG” in front of their name. We got the chance to interview the mastermind behind the music collective and got to pick his brain a little.  DJ Bluetooth gave us more of an insight of what he does, the type of things he likes to do when he’s not working and also gave us a few names of the people he’s working with on new production.  So sit back and enjoy the interview.

1.     Introduce yourself to the people and how did you get started with djing and producing.

 - Hello People my name is DJ Bluetooth (OGBluetooth) CEO and Cofounder of OGGIntl. I started DJing at a young because my dad taught me so around like 2nd grade but I didn't take it serious until the age of 16 when I decided to DJ a house party we were throwing and I only started because every DJ I would book was trash. 

2.     Where you from?

- I'm from Mount Vernon, NY but I move to Atlanta at like 5 and I've live all through Atlanta since then.

3.     What inspires you to create?

- Life inspires me like the blessing I've received I just feel destined for this so that's where the inspiration comes from to be honest. Blessing! 

4.     What DJ’s did you look up to growing up?

- My father and the whole RebelMusik sound my father was a reggae DJ and seeing how they control a crowd is incomparable to be honest I also though DJ Khalid was dope from a young age because he was a reggae DJ first a lot of people don't know and he clashed Stone Love back in the day with my great uncle but that's it for the most part.

5.     Where’s your favorite place to DJ and why?

- My Favorite place to DJ is on the road like on tour is amazing, but as in a certain place of course where I'm from Atlanta like there's no where like home plus I always rock my crowd out Miami also shows me so much love. 

6.     What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?

 - Favorite movie sound track shit to be honest I wouldn't know probably the Rush Hour or if there was one for The Wood 

7.     How was OGGIntl created?

- Brylan and I created the phrase but I honestly put it all together, Brandon Thomas was my little brother I called him and basically told him I'm starting OGG and he has to engineer and produce for us and it would be the best thing for him I kinda have that connection with everyone and same with Maco I called him he was all the way in PCB drove all the way down there knock on the door at 4am and it has been going ever since.

8.     What’s your wildest experience DJing?

-       My wildest DJ experience is with with Maco when we went to perform at Illmore SXSW and ended up DJing BunB set. 

9.     What’s a fun fact about you that people don’t already know?

- Umm wow idk I guess the fact my grandpa is a famous reggae singer name Cedric Myton and also the fact I own my own app called RebelRadioLink its a live DJ app. 

10. How did you link with Quentin Miller?

 - I met Quentin way back in 2011 at Curtis William Crib in Atlanta and we keep seeing each other ever since I was a fan of his music he was a fan of my DJing skills and we work with the same people so yea that's family LaTumba! JerZ put us in the Mob!!!

11. What’s your favorite part about producing?

 - The fact that I have so much versatile friends that have different styles, I can literally go anywhere with the beat they can make a song on anything allowing me to really flow with my creativity.

12. What motivates you to do what you do?

 - CASH, I don't care what anyone says about money can't buy you happiness, because you can't be happy and hungry. 

13. What’s your favorite basketball team?

- New York Knicks

14. When you have free time what type of things do you like to do?

- I play Naruto and Fuck whenever I have time but for the most part I'm consistently trying to make money so I don't get to do much unless it's work which I don't mind.

15. Any new production coming out soon?

- I got production with Yung Gleesh, Quentin Miller, G.U.N., UnotheActivist, Hefna Guap and a lot more to be honest that's all the names I'll release everyone else is a secret  

16. Any last words for the people?

- Man y'all follow my Twitter and Instagram for updates prices raising everyday too so I suggest you don't sleep 
Twitter: @DJBluetoothOGG
IG: ogbluetooth


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