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Mylan City Interview( Creator Of TMF)

We recently sat down with the brilliant mind Mylan City the creator of upcoming brand TMF.  He let us know the concept of why he started TMF.  What new projects he has coming out in the future.  So check it out 
Who are you and what are you all about?
-I am Mylan City, and I created the brand, T.M.F.
Were are you originally from?
I'm from L.A.
How was T-M-F created?
-As far as the brand, the idea started in my dorm room in New Orleans.  Just talking with my Harlem ji, Tre. Left school, cameback to L.A., and just started developing and executing the line.
How did you come up with the name T-M-F?
-It has a few meanings outside of what is perceived from the clothing line.  As far as the brand name, it just hit me when I was in my dorm room. 
What type of fashion do you like?
-It varies, nothing in particular. Different looks resonate for me. Anywhere from  vintage Polo/nautica/tommyhil, high top Af1's, adidas campus 80's, t by alexander wang t-shirts, bape, jerseys, … Man, I don't know, it differs how I feel at the moment. But something light.
What clothing lines do you look up to?
-I don't look up to any clothing line. I just like pieces. I do respect Tommy Hil and Polo for the lifestyle feel they integrated with their clothes.
Who motivates you?
-Not just one name. So many, I fuse elements of different things.  Definitely Life/Culture. I enjoy enlightening myself on sub cultures especially in the hip hop/urban community.
What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites?
-Favorite online clothing store, T-M-F.US. lol had to plug that up.  As far as websites I be on, worldstar, upnorthtrips, complex, rapradar, hoopshype, some tumblrs, all that…
What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?
-Numerous variables.  Could be the quality of the fabric or design aesthetic.  I think mostly bringing an item to life, giving it cultural appeal, and having it stand for something.  Basically, having something that resonates with the consumer, and they wanting to be apart of a lifestyle you created.
Do you prefer sketching designs or actually constructing them?
-It's a random process, mostly build from my mind for some time, and then go into illustrator.
How do you feel about celebrities getting all the free goodies when they are the people who can afford the goodies?
-I mean, get it how you live.  Everybody has a formula that works for what they doing.  I don't throw shade on how people try to enhance their grind.  For my brand, I definitely try to look out for the people first.
What is your favorite piece of clothing you have dropped?
-I try not to stay content on one design, because I always feel I got something crazy in the works. But I do appreciate the l/s tee I created "A Skreet Classic" just on the memories and feel it brought while dropping it and pushing the tee.
Do you have anything new coming to the people in the next few months?
-Ya, got a couple new tees and hats dropping in a couple weeks. After that getting the A/W pieces dropping. Just trying to keep progressing, and transcending the brand, but keep the same element.
Any last words for the people?
-Peep the site T-M-F.US and follow the gram @tmfintl. Thanks for the interview and everybody that has supported, T.M.F. 



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