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Don RVLS Interview

We recently sat down with the creator of RVLS and got to know who he is and what he's all about and new things that are coming to the people from RVLS

Who are you and what are you all about ?

My name is Don, I'm the Owner/Designer for Rivals, RVLS Co. I'm a current student at UC Riverside studying business marketing and business economics.

Were are you originally from?

Born in San Francisco and grew up the rest of my life in Southern California, Ontario, CA.

How was RVLS created?

RVLS was created in October of 2010. Before the name change the company was Hundred Weight Classics (HWC). I started off working at retail skate shop called Zumiez and the business and industry grew my interest and wanted to design my own stuff. It all started off with a small batch of tee, people liked it, I designed more and grew from there.

What type of fashion do you like?

Streetwear influence but I really like the Japanese fashion culture. The cut and sews, the outfits, materials, just everything about it. Japan has always been fashion driven and seeing how their fashion has evolved and grew influence in the US is really dope. Simplicity fashion catches my interest.

What clothing lines do you look up to?

Getting into the industry, brands that I looked up to were Supreme, Diamond Supply, Black Scale, LRG, and Nike. Supreme with its simple clothing and uniqueness. Black Scale is a huge influence, just how their concepts and vision of their brand really made it what it is. Diamond Supply especially, meeting Nick Tershay and talking to him on how he got his brand to flourish was remarkable and took every advice I could to work with RVLS.

Who motivates you?

The fans, supporters, and especially my friends & family. Just having them mention how successful they've seen the brand grow and getting emails from customers that love the product and how I influence them motivates me a lot. Thank you guys.

What was your first job and what did you do with your first paycheck?

First job was working for Zumiez, a retail skate shop. With that first paycheck, I went to grub and get carne aside fries and spent the rest on new clothes cause all my clothes were outdated.

What kind of student were you?

Procrastinator and lazy ass. I still am haha.

How do you feel about celebrities getting all the free goodies when they are the people who can afford the goodies?

I see celebs are marketing people. Because their famous and cause attention, they can help a company and have their business boom. It's a very strategic marketing move from businesses, the business has nothing to lose and can gain popularity just rom one celeb wearing their gear.

What is your favorite piece of clothing you have dropped?

It'd have to be the "Welcome to SF" tee and the "Destroyer Raglan". The SF tee was a photo I actually took when I visited the bay and decided to print it on some tees. The "Destroyer Raglan" was very popular and had the homes Bambu and Mibbs of Pac Div rock it during their whole tour with Mac Miller. It was really dope to see the support.

How are your clothes different from other designers?

It'd have to be the simple designs. Its clean and not too damn colorful. I take sports influence and just work from their. All the gear that's released are exclusive and limited, so whatever was put out that season won't come back for a reprint. 

Do you have anything coming out this fall?

With the Holiday season coming up, there's a lot to look forward to. The best way to check out anything upcoming is to follow our instagram: @DonRVLS & @RVLScompany. And also our Facebook page.

Any last words to the people?

Thank you everyone for the 2 years of success and support. We continue to give the best shit out there available. Stay strong. Check out RVLSCO.COM for some gear.


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