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Og Che$$ Interview

We recently sat down with the Texas rep OG Che$$ and got to know a little about him and what new things he are dropping out in the future so sit down and tune in and check it out

Who are you and what are you all about?
Waddup its OG CHE$$ , & I'm all about loyalty & originality .

Were are you from?

Im from Mo City Tx, a town on the outskirts of Houston

How did you get your name?
i got my name through a close homie of mines , he would always call me Che$$ , & idk it just stuck with me , the whole movement I'm involved with explains why i have the  "OG" in front of Che$$  

Favorite sport teams?

I don't really have a favorite sports team, but i do have favorite players lol 

What influenced you to start rapping?

my brother and his friend ( which i would call my bro as well) started rapping off this program called Acid 3.0 , lol, I was like in 4th grade, but i was more focused @ being a professional ball player then rapping @ the time , but they put me on this one track i wrote too just for fun , & they let their older high school friends listen , & everyone was like yo thats your lil brother? , dude goes hard , so i guess that gave me motivation to keep the music thing as a "hobby" during my time growing up , which has now turned now into what i call  "life"  lol.

How long have you been doing this?

I started in 4th grade like i said before, but i really started taking it serious in 2011 , so basically a year now .

Who are your heroes?

My heroes are my parents, like till this day i believe they have some type of super powers lol, they're powerful people who have shaped me into who Iam today

How hard do you push yourself?

I push myself to the extent that if something needs to be done, no matter if i can't think straight, or feel weak, i will go hard till i pass out . Even if i didn't push myself as hard i have a team that will push me as well s/o #OGWVNG.

Whats the magic formula for success?

Faith+originality+setting goals+positive energy- jealousy= SUCCESS

How was your childhood

My childhood was fckn awesome! , I can't even lie ,i grew up in a suburb community full of indians ,whites, blacks, etc."very diverse community" My family are from the virgin islands so i didn't live the typical "african american lifestyle" everything is about education & about having respect for yourself & most importantly your family . Basketball was my first known talent, i taught myself like everything i know to this day, it was just one of those talents God gave me and was like 'enjoy" lol. In elementary i was surrounded by nothing but positive shyt , but once i got to middle school that all changed lol i would say i made that big transition from being a kid to a grown up lol, like things i wouldn't dare to do, see, or even could think of i experienced in middle school . To sum up my childhood though,  i would say it was the BEST time of my life!

What do you do on your spare time?

i try to do everything possible , that i couldn't when i didn't have spare time , like watch porn for instance lol you can't just do that @ any moment of the day, gotta find ur private time for that 

Who do you have no respect for?

I have no respect for people who forgot where they came from .

What are some food places you like to eat at.

I like being invited over a chicks house or apt whatever who enjoys to cook and make you a great meal ;p

Any new projects coming out?

#Chessmovesvolume2 will be dropping shortly , 

Any last words you want to say to the people?
I am the real OG CHE$$ !


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