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Skye Townsend Interview

We sat down with the talented Skye Townsend and got to know who she is and what she is all about

Whats your story?

I'm an 18 year old singer/songwriter/actress from Los Angeles. I knew I wanted to be a singer at a very early age and have just involved myself in all types of artistry since then.

Were do you reside from?

I grew up in Bel Air. After my parents split up, I moved around a few times as everybody got back on their feet. It was humbling and I believe if I still lived in Bel Air I wouldn't have the mentality that I do now.

What type of student were you?

Slacked and was last minute but paid great attention in class. I always got A's and never knew how.

Jobs as a teen?
I started working in studios professionally at 14 so I never really had a chance to have a normal job.
The key to success?

What type of music are you in?
I sing R&B infused with jazz and world music.

Upcoming Projects?
Stay tuned :).

Artists you want to work with?
I want to work with anybody hungry and ready to change the game. The next generation is what excites me most.

What did you do with your first paycheck?

Treated my friends and family to different special things to thank them.

What are some of your favorite food places to eat at?

I love those small hole-in-the-wall restaurants that people normally don't eat at. They tend to have the best food.

What type of fashion are you in?

Whatever I feel like wearing. I'm a modern day black hippie. The more comfortable, the better.

Do you have anything extra to say to the people?
Stay positive. +++


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