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Interview w/ A$AP J.SCOTT

We go into the mind of the A$AP J.SCOTT and he lets us know a little bit about himself and what he is all about.  From DJing to different things

- Tell us a little about yourself?

I DJ for some friends, I Manage some friends, I create shit and build bridges.Pen and Pixel & Gif. Connoisseur


- When you were younger did you always want to Dj?

No, In HS I dabbled in production which led to dabbling in DJing in the future, I guess.When I was younger saw myself more so on the business side (A&R, Management etc.) solely.

Were do you originally resign from?
Atlanta, GA

- Can you explain to the people what IMNOTATOY is?

 a collective of thoughts as far as the world wide web goes and harmful fun before Tumblr was even around.

Outside of the internet it's ALOT more than a site, it's a brand and a way of thinking.
- How were you introduced to A$AP?

Yams, I've know him and some of them for YEARS…and we've always been rooted through music despite living in different regions. (He is also one of the OG team members of Imnotatoy ha) 

- Why did you start DJing?
Actually from friends just asking me, because certain people respected my ear for music and my obsession with wanting to find new shit from all over.  Also wanting to learn how to chop and screw shit when I was younger. When I was settled up in NY I linked with this Radio Show at EVR Called Ballers Eve, me being there every week and being part of the crew really made a difference.

- What type of artist did you listen to growing up?
I was raised by my GrandMa so we listened to a lot of Soul, R&b, Gospel, also Local South shit. Then a close friend of my moms put me on to 2pac (Dear Mama) when I was in Elementary but then my moms friend passed away but that opened the door to other forms of rap music outside of Atlanta. I went to a diverse school so I went through every phase Musically…The Metal, Punk, Rock stage a lot in middle school, ALOT of East Coast Rap and "Underground" hip hop in High school.

- Who are your favorite artists?
Tupac, Ghostface, Bad brains, James Brown, Scarface, K- os, Eminem, Project Pat, Dungeon Family so many mutha fuckas

- Who's your favorite clothing designer?
Don't care, I like random shit, I like Textiles/Prints shit like that

- What do you order when you go to McDonalds?
Apple Pies and Onion Rings (if i'm outside the States)

- Do you have any Upcoming projects coming out?

Yes, of course
Just pay attention and you guys will see 


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