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Bodega BAMZ interview

Bodega BAMZ from Spanish Harlem lets us know a little about him for the streets of New York grindin and making music here it is

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are? 
I'm a rapper they saying im the new voice for the latinos my name is bodega bamz aka papi  

Let's talk about your childhood.  When you thanked about growing up, what sort of images pop in your head?
Standing on that welfare line my mom giving me food stamps to buy candy at the bodega, the struggle  walking to church with my brother and lil sister passing thru feins and crack vials all over the street...

Were do you resign from? 
Spanish Harlem 

How was Tan Boys created? 
We needed a name to go with our movement and ohla said lets call it TANBOYS

Who influenced you to start rapping?
Nobody really influenced me to rap i wrote poetry and acted in dramas before i started writing music i picked up rap in high school started off as just the cool thing to do at the time but lil by lil it became a passion of mine the better i became the more serious i took it 

What is your favorite film?

What type of clothing are you into 
My denim game is A.P.C, i fuck with diesel's Black Gold line and anything army fatigue on my feet converse or red wings 

How long have you been rapping?
Long time 

Do any of your tattoos mean anything?
All my tats mean something to me 

Do you have a mixtape or album coming out soon?
Yeah i got my mixtape Strictly For My P.A.P.I.Z coming soon be on the lookout for that TANBOYS 100 KEEP IT 


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